This page is where we report the results, in terms of numbers of donors and recipients hooked up, numbers of transplants performed, and their level of success.  We rely entirely upon those involved to inform us, of course, since we are not directly involved in their individual decisions and actions.

As of February 2008, we've only had eleven people post their needs, two of whom found a kidney via the regular channels, a third who, unfortunately, died after many arduous months of waiting for a new liver (see below), and eight who still await replacement organs.  Many of those have been posted for 4 years or so, and I would hope they've already received an organ through normal channels by now.  (I should contact them, to see how they're doing.)

The most recent feedback I received was from one person who'd posted their needs, who reported multiple contacts with a person who strongly hinted that one of the conditions of the gift of his kidney would be a compensatory, monetary gift to a charitable organization he liked. The conversations also involved unwanted calls in the middle of the night, which prompted me to warn people not to give out home phone numbers, but ideally to create a dedicated cell phone just for that purpose, or at least use your regular cell phone, which can easily be turned off when sleeping.

One "result" is that one of the people posted here was featured in an article in the L.A. Times. That article mentioned that when she posted here, she quickly got a dozen replies, but all of the potential donors expected compensation at least for hospital and travel expenses and lost wages (and some also apparently wanted compensation for their risk and sacrifice of a vital organ, which is reasonable, but still illegal), and she didn't have any money or insurance to cover even their legally allowable costs.  Now THAT is very sad.  Read the article below.

Here's some sad news about one who posted but didn't make it, and a testament to the urgent need for legislative change, to make many more lifesaving organs available.  The letter is from a close friend, and the kind of friend we should all be so lucky to have!

Chris passed away last night around 1:00am. 

He was at the top of the list for a liver, but got an
infection, so it went to the guy below him.

It is so sad that he had to suffer the last two years,
only to come within an inch of a liver and not get it.

His family is in shock, I think. Susan really
believed in her heart of hearts that he would get a
new liver and be fine.

He is at peace now, God bless him.

Thank you for helping me feel like I was able to do
something to help him. It gives me some kind of
resolve, and I am deeply grateful for that.

We did all we could.


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This page was last updated on 01/31/2008